Friday, April 5, 2013

Veo que te debo tanto

Like a torchlight disappearing in the sun, I get stuck for words confronting this higher form of expression. Realizing the distance to fare for the scribbled words to become a work of art, they hang their head in shame. 

Music communicates is what they say. For me, it just brings me closer to my perceived notion of death. Not in a fearful way. An unrivaled serenity.  The soul subtly craving for liberation. It is as if that is the only thing which can move the soul to a state of emotion. 

Redefining my perception of beauty and perfection, it spreads through the volumes of nothingness within. Flesh dissolves and the skin takes a crystalline form jealously holding the exquisitely crafted frequencies of these mechanical waves from escaping. 

For this moment of unmatchable bliss, I thank the creator for including ears.


"Perdóname"  Pablo Alborán and  Carminho
Tanto" (Fans Version) Pablo Alborán, Virginia Elosegui and Others

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