Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tiny Red Hyenas

One thing that makes the idea of committing suicide at this place I stay obnoxious are these carnivores ants that seem to devour anything from dead spiders to raw rice. I tried challenging them with a lot of things inconsumable by usual creature standards, and they kept outflanking me at every stage. Nothing could stop them when they made up their minds to have something. They drilled through the thickest plastic packets and slid through the tightest container lids. 

But it was when I read a report about these stray hyenas in some African city which gnawed off bits from the bodies of homeless people sleeping in the streets that I started thinking about the ants polishing me off. Leave suicide, at least I wouldn’t feel them. What about a paralysis? What if I pass out inside one of these days maybe from food poisoning or something? In a couple of days, these tiny red hyenas would turn me into a shining white skeleton. 

The next couple of days were pretty dispiriting. Every night I would listen to the uncanny stillness around me and I felt nature armed with all these creature extensions waiting like a fossor. 

It’s not a pretty thought, being slowly consumed by a swarm of tiny red ants.

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