Sunday, February 6, 2011

Post for the sake of posting something

After a fairly long interval, I am gazing at the monitor attempting to get a rickety brain running, get over the inhibitions, laziness and what not. I’ve started becoming scared about a gradual brain death since some time. Not a coma. It is something else.

I am succumbing to the comfort of mental inactivity. It is a funny thing. Just found out that for a mere existence, after a point, the brain is a non-essential organ. Could be anatomically incorrect but in reality i’ve been keeping my brain idle since the last few months. The routine activities including research and analysis were being done without any intellectual involvement. In cyber parlance, I’m expanding my RAM to such absurd amounts so that it may even replace the processor and the hard disk. (Disclaimer: Technically inaccurate) So this thought that down the line, in a few years, I would find myself possessing an extraordinarily bulky RAM with nothing behind it, drove me nuts and here I am trying to kick-start the hard disk and the processor.

Tried keying down something yesterday. Either everything has dried out or the forced attempt to express is not bearing fruit. Whatever that appeared on the screen didn’t even come close to the newly raised quality standards. After reading Kraz, vj and others, nothing’s even nearing the perfection with which they are expressing their perspectives.

Hangover from Shining. Felt like typing “All work and no play makes Shreekumar a dull boy” on and on and on.

Funny, this moment, I feel I can even relate to Jack Nicholson’s psycho character...

Watched the langur tied outside for a while. Pretty much idle, it’d scratch its back a couple of times, rake the soil around with twigs, start to attention at some noise and inspect its rope keenly. Wondered how much isolated it would be feeling. They say it drives away stray monkeys from the compound.

It’s always kept tied. Day in and day out. One lonely langur.

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