Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pulp Friction

It was just another day. Winter on the deathbed. Stray monkeys squeaked menacingly and ran around. Nothing could make a difference. Bored, he got out of the office and walked towards the ATM machine across the road. His life was messed up beyond recovery. Unpaid bills, pending work, laundry that had been piling up since two weeks, calls he never attended... Immersed in thoughts about the whole meaninglessness of his existence and the need for more isolation, he never saw the speeding truck. All he heard was the deafening noise made by the friction between its tyres and the road. That was it. A passerby murmured "this is the end, beautiful friend, the end" and walked away. Monkeys stopped squeaking and a frozen silence prevailed.

This is the story of how a person was transformed into a pulp due to friction.


All credits go to Dragon Naturally SpeakingTM trained to 100% accuracy. The nonsense above was randomly dictated to it. It's a damn interesting software, you know?

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