Monday, April 4, 2011


You are with a unusually cute gal in a lift which malfunctions and you both spend some time trying to sort the trouble out and smiles at each other during the process and manages to get out of it and you both get inside a functioning lift and are both on your way up to your respective floors and suddenly she strikes up a conversation with you about your work and sort and when the lift stops where she has to get off, asks if she could meet you when you are free anytime in the next 2 or 3 hours so that she could talk something with you and you give her your number telling her to call you whenever she is free. 

Since it was happening in India, involving me with an impeccable record of screw ups and a total lack of confidence in miracles from the past experiences in life, I keyed down the following possibilities in the next two excruciatingly slow hours: 

1. Insurance Policy
2. Multilevel Marketing
3. Some weird product for sale (Height enhancing insoles or a set of Books)
4. Emigration
5. Higher Studies Abroad 

Gave me a ring after some time and we met. It was something I should have added, Charity. She worked for CRY. Told her I required more help than any of her CRY kids and she left disappointed.

And I crawled back to the dreary asylum that the courtroom offered.

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