Sunday, April 17, 2011

Red Doom, Part-I

Only I knew it. The secret that would save the world. Beer. 

April 18th, 2011. A Monday that would not only begin the week but the destruction of the human species as well. 

No one had ever thought that the so called “advanced” human race would be annihilated from the face of the planet earth which they proudly reigned and that too by a bunch of creatures with technologies at which human beings would have, in another context laughed their asses off. 

Infra red. They used infra red beams for everything. From assessing the conditions to planning the attack. And not a “technologically advanced” human soul except me detected it. 

I spend days watching the night sky through the electronic viewfinder of my Digital Camera because I didn’t have a telescope. The 30X Digicam was my only option to watch the sky magnified. And I detected the beams. The blue streaks. Weeks and weeks, I watched the blue streaks blipping, forming chaotic patterns with undecipherable messages. Initially, I reckoned it was some kind of satellite activity. 

But one night, lying in a puddle of beer beside the splintered bottle on the terrace, I saw it. One of them. It came near me and winced at the sight of the beer. And it withdrew. Whatever it was that it feared in the stinking brewed malted barley, saved my life.  

Waking up next day in the clothes stiff with dried beer, I found my camera gone. They knew that I knew. That was why I was visited. 

Should I run through the streets warning the mortals blissfully living their lives of the impending doom? I’d rather not. Watching them being taken by surprise will be more enjoyable. 

Got a couple of cases of Heineken and few packets of Act II. Let the battle begin. 


Die mortals. Die. Die like dogs.


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